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Jun 23, 2023 5 min read
Remix Clips for Entertainment Venues
Fans, concert attendees, and customers

People, people, people...

Large entertainment venues (stadiums, arenas, amphitheaters, concert halls) see a swarm of visitors each year. Ticketmaster sold over 500M tickets in 2022 alone. Smaller arenas like Chase Center in San Francisco (18,000 capacity) host ~3 million people per year across 200+ sports, music, and cultural events. A 1% percent increase in spend per attendee at an event can yield a $2-3M bump in sales. Providing a high-quality fan experience can also be rewarding: a 1% increase in capacity utilization (driving increased attendance) can be worth an incremental $10-20M annually for Chase Center. We believe that engaging fans with high-quality digital experiences at the venue is a great way to achieve these business goals.

When to engage

The best time to engage people is when they are physically present at the event, where you have their maximum attention. The majority of engagement prior to the event is around ticket sales and there is little-to-no engagement after the event. Here are some examples of engagement that can transform attendee experiences.

How to engage

The best way to engage people is by augmenting their physical presence with unique digital experiences, custom-crafted to their needs, while they are at the event. These should be delivered via their smartphones, which almost all of them carry (and look at) during the event - thanks in part to digital tickets. However, this approach presents three challenges:

Enter Remix Clips

Remix has three unique platform capabilities that address these challenges.

Remix can deliver App Clips & Instant Apps to event attendees, without downloads! These can be triggered via geo-fencing, QR codes, or NFC tags (preferred). These are rich app-like experiences that live on the user’s smartphone for a short while (1-30 days), with the ability to use the full compute power of the device, and thus the potential for maximizing digital engagement. Instant app clips to your phone
Easily building mobile experiences without code Remix enables the rapid build of these mobile & digital experiences, via a ‘live’ visual programming environment, without coding. Thus the effort & time involved in building each unique experience is significantly lower compared to traditional software development.
Local first, privacy first. Remix’s cloud platform augments the mobile experience via ‘push’ notifications and live event updates, while still respecting the user’s privacy. Privacy and security features

Example Clips

Here are some details to further illustrate some of the examples shown above.

  • Shopping & Gifts
    Shop merch from your seat: Offering fans the ability to shop for band or team merchandise from their seat and pickup later (e.g. after the show). Users also benefit from the convenience of not waiting in long lines during the show-break or intermission.
  • FAQ
    Venue FAQ: Visitors tend to need information such as venue map, customer service, knowing where to find emergency services, etc. Such information available as a Remix Clip can increase visitor satisfaction.
  • Live Updates
    Live event updates: Fans can get live updates, such as scores from around the league for a particular sport, or set-list updates of the music being played.
  • VIP
    VIP suite services: Premium experiences for merchandise, food & beverage, or other customer service for VIP suite visitors.
  • Food & Drink
    Food & Beverage: Order from your seat & pickup at a kiosk.
  • Trivia & Games
    Fan Trivia: Engage your fans with short & fun trivia questions while at the venue

Try one of our example experiences! You can try these in the browser to get an idea of the type of experience you can craft, or even try them on the mobile phone by pointing at the QR code. Note that such experiences can be made available via an NFC tag at the seat, or via geo-fencing at the venue.

Scan to view the fan trivia Remix Clip

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On a phone? Click to view remix.app/fan_trivia

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If you wish to find out more about Remix, please email us at hello@remixlabs.com, or follow us on Twitter @remix_labs

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